Raffi - my home/bath

Fresh spring water pearls on the skin, warm wood under bare feet and fine sand blown by the wind: ‘Raffi bath’ is like an encounter with nature.

Maarten Vrolijk has been a member of a group of internationally successful designers for more than 25 years who forego the extroverting effect of alienation implicit in their creative work. Particularly the language of design is intrinsic in the conscious and natural interplay between the shapes, colours and materials. And so that the products are not only fulfill a useful purpose but also make the daily lives of people a little more pleasant, many small details conjure up the unexpected difference.

The brand new collection produced by Raffi together with Kleine Wolke transforms every bathroom into a modern living area for private moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. Clear forms combine with quality materials and fine detail characterise each individual product. All products are coordinated with each other and prove that great effects can evolve from small things.

More information on the concept is available here!